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COVID-19 Testing at Home

LabCorp now offers an at-home PCR based nasal swab kit for COVID-19. These kits can be shipped directly to you and do not require a physical doctor’s office visit or an order from an IPM doctor. If you would like more information or to order a kit please CLICK HERE.

OC COVID Clinic offers rapid testing for COVID at no charge to patients, or with proper insurance. They are located down the street form our office in Irvine. We recommend patients use this service for rapid results.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

IPM does not offer COVID-19 vaccination or a blanket recommendation to all patients to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Some COVID-19 vaccines require special handling and storage. Availability in different geographic areas is subject to change. 

COVID-19 vaccines cleared by the FDA for emergency use have been developed by Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson.

Orange County vaccine distribution information page:


Walgreens and CVS COVID-19 Vaccinations:
Walgreens pharmacy
and CVS pharmacy are offering COVID-19 vaccinations at no charge or through federally funded programs.

 COVID-19 Delta Variant and other Variants:
For information on the COVID-19 Delta Variant form UC Davis, CLICK HERE and from the CDC, CLICK HERE.


** IMPORTANT – Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) **

If you experience any adverse reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine or any other vaccine, we strongly urge you to report it using the VAERS system. COVID-19 vaccinations are experimental and have emergency use authorization only. Side effects or adverse reactions may occur and should be reported immediately.


Regeneron Monoclonal Antibody Therapy

Monoclonal antibodies have been effective in reducing the severity of symptoms and improving the outcome in patients who contract COVID-19. Some eligibility requirements may apply in order to receive treatment. For information on eligibility, frequently asked questions and how to make an appointment to receive this effective therapy in Orange County, please contact Xpress Urgent Care.

Important Information About Laboratory Results

We have experienced some COVID-19 related delays in obtaining laboratory results. All of our patient lab results are individually reviewed by an IPM doctor before the results are reported to our patients. Once test results are received, a doctor will review your results and make recommendations. Most lab results are reported to the patient by secure e-mail, or physically by USPS mail. For your security, we never FAX laboratory results.

Please allow 7–10 business days for most standard test results from large reference labs like Quest and LabCorp to be run and returned to our office. Some specialized testing such as testing performed by Genova Diagnostics, and other 3rd party labs may take up to four weeks.

In-office Protective Measures

At IPM we are working hard to keep our office environment clean and disinfected throughout the day and our staff are trained in proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures.

Currently we are screening all patients over the phone before they come into our office. Patients who exhibit specific symptoms or have a fever will be asked to consult with the doctor by telephone instead of in-office. We are implementing this temporary rule to protect the health and safety of all our patients and staff.

  • We offer face masks at reception for patients who do not have their own masks.
  • Additional hand sanitizers have been added throughout IPM, including touch-less automatic units.
  • Increased frequency of disinfection in public places. Several times a day staff wipe down high-traffic surfaces, handles, knobs, counters and furniture.
  • We receive the most up-to-date information for health care facilities from the CDC and Orange County Health Authorities to ensure all actions we are taking are approved and based on their recommendations.
  • We are stepping up professional cleaning services during closed business hours.
  • Any staff member who reports illness or symptoms is required to stay home and follow protocols for isolation for those who are ill.

Integrative Measures You Can Implement Now

Doctors at IPM recommend some or all of the following oral supplements to many patients who would like to take proactive measures against viral infection:

Important Information on vitamin D, Hydrogen Peroxide and COVID-19

The first randomized controlled trial on Vitamin D and COVID-19 has been released – CLICK HERE for the original reference. In the control group not taking Vitamin D, 50% required ICU admission. In the group taking extra Vitamin D, only 2% were admitted to the ICU! The obvious conclusion is to make sure your vitamin D status is healthy. For proper dosing and testing options for Vitamin D level, consult your physician.

Some patients are interested in using nebulized hydrogen peroxide. This therapy may be recommended on an individual basis to patients.


Other useful options

Use QUE spray, xylitol nasal spray or silver nasal spray, 2 sprays in each nostril at least twice a day. These items will clean the nasal tissues and wash out viruses, bacteria and environmental pollutants.

Nasal ozone insufflation also called “nozone” offers a more powerful preventive approach. Ozone is an effective anti-viral agent. Treatments may be provided by our medical assistants in our office. These treatment can be provided once a week or more often.

Nutritional Immune Drips may also be recommended to our patients and can be delivered in our office. Please call reception if you are interested in receiving therapy.

Please visit our popular immune supplement page to order products if needed.



Currently, the medical staff at IPM recommend that unvaccinated patients wear face coverings when they are in close quarters with others. IPM does not verify vaccination status for patients or force anyone to wear a mask.

(Ref: CDC Website, Updated Healthcare Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations in Response to COVID-19 Vaccination, Updated: April 27, 2021)

Patients with some medical conditions, especially those that impair respiration, blood flow, and balance may have difficulty wearing face coverings. Restriction of airflow caused by a face covering may be harmful to these individuals. Some examples of these conditions include:

  • Various forms of cancer
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Congestive heart failure (CHF)
  • Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)
  • Vertigo or difficulty with balance
  • Pregnancy with complications or related symptoms

Some people in our building may not be wearing a face covering or mask.

Please do not ask other patients or IPM staff about their personal medical conditions or vaccination status. In compliance with federal (HIPAA) privacy regulations, IPM staff cannot divulge protected health information to others without prior written consent.

We take COVID-19 policy very seriously. We have set up regular, specific protocol for pre-screening, cleaning, and prophylaxis. Please direct any questions regarding COVID-19 safety to reception. We will be happy to assist you.

– Allan Sosin, MD
Medical Director, IPM

CLICK HERE for CDC Interim Public Health Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People (updated May 28, 2021)

CLICK HERE for OC Health COVID-19 General Information and Statistics (live updates)

CLICK HERE for CDC Guidance on Wearing Face Coverings (updated June 11, 2021)


Remember: Symptoms caused by COVID-19
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Shortness of breath
  • Respiratory difficulties
  • Loss of taste and smell
  • Gastrointestinal Distress
  • Other symptoms similar to flu

If You Feel You May Be Getting An Infection:

  • Stay at home and treat the symptoms as you would any cold or flu. Most people who get the COVID-19 virus have mild symptoms. Younger, healthier patients tend to have milder symptoms. However, symptoms may include high fever and a dry cough.
  • If symptoms become more severe and you feel you require medical care, go to the closest emergency room which will be prepared to screen and test you for COVID-19 if necessary. Our office does NOT have COVID-19 swab test kits.
  • LabCorp now offers an at-home nasal swab kit for COVID-19 testing using. For more information CLICK HERE.
  • Patients who experience shortness of breath should go to the ER.

Ways to Prevent Infection Include:

  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water (this is the BEST method).
  • If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based sanitizer. Make sure to rub all areas of the hands thoroughly until dry.
  • Consider wearing a face mask if you are not fully vaccinated, or among large groups of people. Avoid touching your face.
  • Avoid unnecessary trips to the store, shop online or use curbside pickup when possible.
  • Keep a regular sleep schedule, maintain a healthy diet and avoid alcohol.
  • Consider an immune IV to boost your defenses. There are many oral nutritional supplements available in our store that may also effectively bolster the immune system.
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